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Spring/Summer League Try Outs April 2014
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What you need to know about NWIBL Try Outs

Browse our library of FREE tips 4 coaching baseball, articles and drills on hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, coaching and more. We are constantly adding new articles, so check back soon for more great baseball instruction.

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Your hear about baseball on the radio, you read about it in the newspaper, you see it on TV….

Get your glove and dust off the cleats….League Tryouts in April 2013 at Sckavone Stadium at Westmoreland Park (97202) Come join the  Northwest Independent Baseball League, we are a 18 and older Adult Baseball League in the Portland and Vancouver Area. see nwibl.org for more info and registration

The Northwest Independent Baseball League (NWIBL) offers you a place to play your game with passion. Each of the teams are set to have 15-16 players, play a 20 game season on weeknights and weekends, mid May to the end of August. The Columbia Division is a group of competitive heads up style of baseball teams able to play and win against any team in the league. The Willamette Division plays just as tough and also can win against the Columbia teams, has a mix of players of all ages and plays games within their division with a few against the Columbia Division.

This season players will have an opportunity to be scouted when the teams play at Keizer Volcanoes (Giants A-Ball) Stadium. The NWIBL has a league All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, Monday Night and Holiday Pickup Baseball  Games. Most Games played at Walker and Sckavone Stadiums in Portland proper.

The season climaxes with a grueling 2 week city wide double elimination City Championship Series, 14 teams go head to head from August 13th to the final game on August 25th.

Tryouts are free and open to anyone who will be 18 by July 1 , 2014. To be drafted on to a team arrangements must be made on paying team player fee and paid in full by May 1st

Games played at Volcanoes Stadium, Sckavone Stadium, Westmoreland Park and Walker Stadium, Lent's Park
email to be placed on our league tryout list Baseball@nwibl.org

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Play Baseball in Portland this Summer

If you are looking for work check here Baseball Jobs and Portland Area Jobs

Baseball League Information Portland OR
18 and 25+ teams

Portland City Baseball   Portland Adult Baseball  Portland Wood Bat Baseball  Play Monday Night Baseball
 Independent Men's Baseball Portland River Hawks Portland Columbia River Cats Bridgetown Thunder Portland Flyers

Are you are a former or current player who has what it takes to compete, get your glove and come join us. We are gearing up for this season!  High School and College Players, EX-Pros, Catchers, RH / LH Pitchers, and Hitters welcome!   We play Baseball the Wood Bat Way! UMPIRES NEEDED
Register NOW to play Spring/Summer Baseball (Try outs are by date registration form received)

Traveling Teams...Are you looking to play a few games this summer in the Portland area...play ball in great Local Stadiums full of baseball History. Sckavone and Walker Stadiums have lights for night games during the week. Open dates for Fridays and some Weekends. NWIBL Teams waiting to play Call our hot line 503 208 2009 or email .

VETERANS you have given to your country now we offer you a 10% discount off player fees when playing in the Northwest Independent Baseball Summer and Fall baseball league...Call NWIBL office at 503 208 2009 for registration information.

Do you need Baseball Players, Umpires, Announcers, Managers, Coaches, Hitting and Pitching Instructors for casting calls, commercials, TV Shows, Movies email or 503 208 2009

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Chatsworth Junior Baseball League is in need of baseball gear and annual yearbook team sponsors call 818-886-3394 for information on how you can help.

Welcome to the home of the


Columbia River Cats
NorthWest Baseball Teams

Members of the Northwest Independent Baseball League (see nwibl.org for more info and registration)

In 1993, James DuPrey founded the Pacific Coast Baseball League (PCBL), which offers an organized alternative to softball, Over-the-Line, or doctoring your birth certificate so you can re-enter junior college with four years of eligibility.

The PCBL has 3 divisions to accommodate three different levels of competition. The Federal Division, Single A is the recommended entry-level league. Enter here if you have a young team. (for PCBL purposes, "young" refers to longevity of team’s existence, and not to chronological age of its members). The American Division, Double A distinguishes itself from the Federal with a higher caliber of pitching and steadier defense. The cream of the crop can be found in the National Division, Triple A. The National Division has fewer teams than the others, but contains the highest talent level.
Teams play on Sundays, and show up to win. The games are held at a variety of local high school and college fields, and are officiated by two CIF certified umpires.
Players understand the game with in the game. For example, it is rare for a left-handed hitter to come to the plate without the catcher or manager realizing it and announcing to his teammates: "Lefty!"
O.K., so some of these guys never mentally matured past Little League, but with uniforms and crotch adjustments that would rival any big league club, the Pacific Coast Baseball League is a great way to live out your dream, while balancing reality Monday through Friday.

Play Pro Baseball in 2006!

There are literally dozens of pro baseball tryouts held throughout the United States each year.  There are a total of seven (7) professional baseball leagues currently operating in the United States.  Each of these leagues have both individual, and league-wide tryouts throughout the year.  Equipment

Cooperstown Baseball World, founded in 1999, is the only youth tournament owned and operated by a Major League baseball owner (Eddie Einhorn, Chicago White Sox). At Cooperstown Baseball World you will experience competition against teams from throughout the United States, as well as internationally!


The objective of any throw is to hit the target provided. Generally, on a force play or cut-off throw the goal is to make the throw to the chest area of your target. On a tag play, the throw should be made roughly (6 inches) above the dirt on the side of the base the tag is to be made.

If the throws consistently hit the mark, the throwing mechanics are most probably very good. However, if missing the mark is a regular occurrence, then mechanics most likely need correcting.

Factors to consider in having good throwing mechanics are:
1 - Grip;
2 - Stance;
3 - Arm Action and Follow-through.

With reference to grip, assuming the hands are big enough, the index and middle fingers should be on top of the ball roughly (.5-.75 inches) apart at the tips of the fingers. The thumb should be located underneath the ball positioned between the index and middle finger. In terms of depth, the ball should be held on the finger tips so that a pocket of air exists between the palm and the ball. Finally, the ball should be held with a four seem grip (top fingers should be positioned perpendicular to the horse shoe formation of the seams). The four seam grip promotes the straightest flight for the ball, thereby, increasing the probability of an accurate throw. A two seam grip (holding the ball along two seams) promotes lateral ball movement and makes it more difficult to throw a straight ball.

With respect to stance, other than having the feet roughly shoulder-width apart and the weight on the balls of your feet, the most important factor is to point the glove shoulder at the target, in much the same manner a quarterback would. Therefore, a right-handed thrower would point his/her left shoulder at the target.

It is difficult to discuss arm action and follow through simply through words and images. There are numerous variables to consider. The two most important components, however, are throwing elbow positioning and follow-through path.

In order to minimize the strain on the throwing elbow the position of the elbow during the forward motion as it moves past the body should be at shoulder height or slightly higher (regardless of the throwing action is "over the top" or "three quarters"). If the elbow is below shoulder height it is only a matter of time until elbow injuries occur.

In reference to follow through it is extremely important the arm finish the path it has begun. Generally speaking, the arm should finish going by the left hip (if the thrower is throwing with his right hand). In doing so, the muscles generating the arm movement are allowed to maximize acceleration and efficiently decelerate the arm in a safe manner. Not allowing the arm to follow its natural follow through path forces many of the muscles to work extra hard to slow down the arm. This can result in injury and is one aspect of what is referred to as "short-arming the ball".

Therefore, to achieve good throwing mechanics the player must start with a good grip (four seam), point his/her glove shoulder at the intended target, while keeping a solid balanced stance and execute safe arm action and follow through.

The objective of any throw is to hit the target provided. Generally, on a force play or cut-off throw the goal is to make the throw to the chest area of your target. On a tag play, the throw should be made roughly (6 inches) above the dirt on the side of the base the tag is to be made.

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Dropping The Rear Shoulder: A Common Hitting Error

According to Jerry Kindall, coach of the U. of Arizona baseball team, dropping the rear shoulder at the start of the swing is one of the three most common batting errors.

This mistake results in poor visual contact with the ball-especially during the final, critical 20 feet to the plate. It also produces a weak, upward swing path.

Why? Because dropping the back shoulder causes the front shoulder to move upwards and away from the pitch. It also lifts the head, producing a loss of focus on the ball. Finally, the back elbow drops with the shoulder, resulting in a weak, pushing, upward swing path.

How to Correct

If your batters are having this problem, instruct them to lift their back elbow a little higher while waiting for the pitch. And tell them to keep their front shoulder pointed towards the incoming ball as long as possible before starting their swing.

These corrections will help them to keep their shoulders level and their head motionless for better eye-focus on the ball.

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